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Simulaids Item# TA856 Mfg# 818

Simulaids Deluxe EMT Casualty Simulation Kit


Item ships direct from our supplier; estimated ship date 10/18/2020 

Simulaids Deluxe EMT Casualty Simulation Kit

Incorporates the original set developed by the U.S. Army for training Medical Corpsmen.

  • Constructed of tough, easily moldable vinyl plastic
  • Portable case is constructed of durable plastic with two securing latches and carrying handle
  • Permits realistic practice required for the proper care, management and transportation of the injured
  • Each bleeding wound comes complete with reservoir, pump assembly, and blood powder for mixing simulated blood

1 Jaw wound1 Leg amputation1 Laceration of forehead1 Face in shock1 Sucking wound of the chest2 Gunshot wounds of palm3 Plastic embalmers wax1 Tongue depressor package1 Tissue package1 Cold cream1 Dark plastalene (modeling clay)1 White plastalene2 Mist sprayers (atomizers)1 Abdominal wound w/ protruding intestines36 Assorted lacerations & open fractures/adhesive3 Bottles coagulant makeup blood1 Gallon container for mixing simulated blood1 Plastic square container for storing reservoir assemblies5 Packages blood powder for five gallon simulated blood1 Make-up: white & blue to simulate shock, brown (simulated dirt) & red2 Packages broken plexiglass (to imbed in plastex & simulate glass in wound)1 Phosphorous burn of hand1 2nd and 3rd degree burn of forearm1 2nd and 3rd degree burn of face1 2nd and 3rd degree burn of back1 2nd and 3rd degree burn of hand1 2nd and 3rd degree burn of chest2 Compound (open) fractures of humerus2 Compound (open) fractures of femur2 Compound (open) fractures of tibia

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